Planting Plans

A professional Garden Designer will create a site specific Planting Plan designed to enhance your garden.  Seed can plan and create a private haven or a welcoming entrance with smart street appeal applying carefully considered planting choices.

A Planting Plan provides information on the plants that will best support your concept plan design or to add fresh new layers, colour and structure to your existing garden. 

Colour combinations, rich contrasting textural interest, calming cool green vistas, shady characters, feature plants & trees and layers providing depth and privacy are all considerations in a planting plan. With Seeds experience we will create a garden scheme that complements your home and a garden you love being in.

The Planting Plan includes a plant schedule showing the botanical and common names of plants, numbers of each species required and their bag sizes or grades. Images of the plants are provided so you can visualise the garden, the exact position of each plant or group is shown. With knowledge and expertise the planting scheme is tailored for your gardens soil and climatic conditions.  A garden survey is key to the success of your planting plan, soil improvements and recommendations are included as planning for your gardens health and vigour over time.

With a comprehensive planting plan you may choose to plant yourself, we offer an onsite plant positioning service and planting advice for those who want some help getting started, alternatively you may want to take advantage of the services of our Professional Planting Team.

With a detailed Planting Plan you ensure that you are making the most of your garden while avoiding costly mistakes, by having the right plants in the right place, first time.

                                                                   View an example of a completed planting plan. 

Donna had so many great ideas on plants, many that never would have occurred to me to  select.  The whole garden came together really well and I couldn't be more happy with the result.  Donna's follow through was fantastic.  Jan. Mt Albert